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Kashimax 5 Gold Top Tube Protector

This hard to get but easy to use frame protector saves the top tube from dings and dents in situations when the handlebar can swing around and smack the top tube. Made in Japan by Kashimax, it features a stout brass clip that is completely enveloped in a soft and thick layer of silicone. This gel-like silicone layer adds plenty of cushion during impact to protect the tube. The silicone layer grips the tube and will not migrate back and forth and will leave no marks nor mar the frame paint.

The 5 Gold clamp will work on any frame for any application. It is highly recommended for track, singlepeed and fixed gear bikes.


  • Soft silicon grip
  • Limited supply
  • Will not mar frame/paint
  • Fits all top tubes
  • Made in Japan
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    Item #: 567000
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