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Giro Aeon Helmet

Giro always seems to be coming out with exciting new helmets, but their Aeon quite possibly takes the cake. The Aeon is in the ridiculously light category like their Prolight but has incredible venting like their previous flagship Ionos. So wear the Aeon for the climbing session with the big hitters and keep it on in sweltering hot weather. Another benefit of the Aeon that it wins our informal poll as one of the better looking helmets out there.

Giro brings the weight down with a new Thermoformed SL roll cage that is basically a one-piece internal reinforcement structure 50 percent lighter than the multi-piece fiber composite structure of the Ionos. The Thermalformed SL roll cage is made from the same polycarbonate material as the out shell so it, in effect, has double protection and is both CPSC and CEN certified.

The Aeon features the Roc Loc® 5 retention system for easier fit, adjustability, better security and lighter weight. The Roc Loc 5 has a small, ratcheting, micro-adjustable dial that can be turned with two fingers for a super-easy on the fly adjustment. The Roc Loc 5 also has a low-profile vertical fit tab that allows for up to 15mm of up-and-down adjustment.


  • CEN and CPSC certified
  • 222 grams (medium size)
  • Thermoformed SL internal roll cage
  • 24 Wind Tunnel™ vents - internal channeling
  • Helmet pads made with antimicrobial, silver-fiber X-static to eliminate odor


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Posted on 4/5/2013

The Aeon is very light, cool, and comfortable. More importantly, it protected me well in a recent crash. I didn't even know I'd hit my head until a noticed a little red mark and some soreness on my forehead that evening. I checked my Aeon, and it was cracked clean through, and scuffed on the exterior. I replaced it with a new Aeon asap!