XLAB Aero Cage Optimizer

The X-lab Aero Cage Optimizer allows you to fine tune bottle cage position whether you cage is mounted on the bike frame, torpedo style on the aero bars, or on a rear hydration system. This ingenious mount allows to bottle cage to slide forward or backward up to 1.75" from its original position. So you can reposition your bottle cages exactly where you want them for ease of reach, clean appearance or for the best aerodynamics. Weight is 30 grams.

X-lab has been creating innovative products for the tri market for over twenty years. Their product have been used by 23 world champions.


  • Aero cage optimizer plates
  • 3 sets of different length screws allowing for different clearance heights
  • Set screw used to secure plate position
  • Nylock nuts to secure plates to Torpedo mounts
  • Spacers for aesthetics
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