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Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

The Air Attack Shield is the most aerodynamic version of the Air Attack aero road helmet which includes an integrated eye shield that attaches with magnets. The magnets allow the eye shield to be super easily flipped out of view in case it rains.

Anyone who has studied bicycle aerodynamics knows an aero helmet can be as or even more beneficial than an aero frame or even aero wheels. The problem is most aero helmets don't vent that well and are a tad on the heavy side.

To fulfill the roadie's need for speed, Giro developed the Air Attack specifically to deliver a dose of free velocity on the road bike. Giro claims the Air Attack is the most aero road helmet ever product saving an estimated 17 seconds over 40 kilometers. Pro Tour riders are increasingly using the Air Attack and we have heard wind tunnel stories of surprisingly major watt savings.

Since road cyclists put a premium on venting but vents need to be kept to a minimum for aerodynamics, Giro maximized the performance of the six small vents with an internal channel design plus a new Roc Loc Air retention system.

The Roc Loc® Air system features a unique design that suspends the helmet 3mm above the head. It creates an optimized path for air to flow through the helmet with a Venturi effect that increases efficiency of the vents and internal ventilation channels. Like the acclaimed Roc Loc5, it also offers micro-adjustable tensioning and vertical positioning adjustments, so you can fine-tune the fit and tilt on the fly with one hand.


  • 264 grams for helmet and 32 grams for the shield
  • In-Mold construction
  • Wind-Tunnel ventilation
  • Super Fit engineering
  • Roc Loc Air fit system
  • Helmet pads made with antimicrobial, silver-fiber X-static to eliminate odor

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