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Blackburn Air Stik SL Mini Pump

The Blackburn Air Stik SL mini pump just might be the perfect ultra-compact mini pump. Its 59 gram weight and small 6 inch (155mm) length make it perfect for a jersey pocket or saddle bag. A cage mounting bracket is included for those preferring a frame mount. The Air Stik SL mini pump may be ultra-compact, but its ingenious, double chamber design borrowed from suspension forks allows it to pump 37% more air per stroke than other mini pumps. Its anodized aluminum finish gives it high-quality, good looks and adds durability.


  • 59 grams
  • 6 inches long
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rebuildable internals
  • High quality good looks
  • Aluminum barrel and shaft
  • 160 psi maximum pressure
  • Includes cage mounting bracket
  • Double air chamber design pumps 37% more air per stroke versus other micro pumps
  • $24.95
    Item #: 461030 Weight: 59g


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     Anonymous : 

    This pump works. It is very small, light, and durable. The pump head is small enough to fit inside the access cove for the valve stem on my Specialized tri-spoke (HED H3). But there are a few things to know: Unless you are a world class power lifter, you probably are not going to get any where near the 160psi it claims. With vigorous pumping I can get it to about 90psi as long as I can position the wheel such that the pump head is pressing against something solid (like a curb) while pumping. If there is nothing to brace against, it is hard to get more than 70 psi (but not impossible... again if you are strong enough). And you better not be in a big hurry because it is just going to take longer to pump than a full sized frame pump. I have used mine numerous times in the 2 years I have had it and it has never failed. A couple times the pump tubes started to spontaneously unscrew (it can be disassembled) but I just screwed it back together and kept on pumping.... vigorously.

    Pros: Very Small, Very Light, Acceptable pressure

    Cons: As an emergency backup.... best I have used

    5/9/2011 10:00:01 AM

     Anonymous : 

    This pump does the job. It’s a back-up for CO2 but has saved me several times on winter rides when the CO2 cartridge freezes the presta valve open.

    9/30/2010 11:52:13 AM

     Anonymous : 

    I carry this pump in my pocket as my carbon frame does not have a location to fit a frame pump. I use the pump for the total disaster flat situations when I’m on my 3rd flat of the ride and I’ve used the 2 canisters that I carry, or my 2nd flat that I patched is slow-leaking and I have to stop every 20 mins or so to refill the leaking tube.

    This pump gets me home, but I cannot fill my 23c tires more than 60 or 70lbs...and that’s with Herculean effort. 60lbs is enough for self-rescue...but I would not recommend you use it as primary on-the-road inflator. If I could fit a frame pump on my bike, that would be a far better solution.

    Generally speaking, this is a great pump for ancillary use. ie, someone that primarily uses CO2 and wants this as a back-up for a failsafe option - ed