Michelin AirComp Road Tube

Due to a combination of their lightweight, durability and the fact they has the coveted smooth valve stem, these Michelin AirComp Ultra Light tubes are a favorite of many riders. These thin walled, single seamed tubes are both light and durable. In fact, at an average 77 grams per tube, they are one out the lightest we offer. Many riders seek out the Michelins because of the smooth, non-threaded valve core. These valves cause no damage to your pump head gasket and are easier to handle when filling up with air.

The AirComps come is 650c and 700c diameters and 40mm, 52mm and 60mm valve lengths. Almost all riders require the 700c diameter. The 40mm valve fits standard rims while 52mm fits semi-aero rims and 60 for even deeper rims.


  • Choose diameter and valve stem length
  • Smooth valve stem
  • Light and durable
  • Consistent wall thickness
  • Black valve cap included
  • 77 grams
Reg Price $9.95


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