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Mavic Aksium S WTS Front Wheel

We have found the Aksium wheels to be very reliable providing performance well in excess of the entry-level price. Mavic has improved the Aksium in a couple significant areas. First, they have reduced the weight by 30 grams per wheel thanks mainly to an improved sleeve joint giving the wheels better rotating balance in addition to lower weight.

The other area of improvement is the Aksium is now part of Mavic's "WTS" or Wheel-Tire System meaning a matched tire and tube are included with the wheel. The included Askion tire matches the performance and cosmetics of the Aksium wheel for a great riding and looking bike. Of course, when the tire wears it can be replaced with any of your favorite 700c clinchers tires.

Other features of the Aksium include Mavic's trademark, quality QRM bearings for long life and smoothness. Mavic hammer hardens the area of the rim around the spokes for extra strength where it is required and machines the braking surface for precise braking (UB control). Mavic employs a "self locking" spoke and nipple design that reduces the possibility of the spokes loosening and the wheel coming out of true. All in all the Aksiums have consistently been one of the best bargains in factory built wheels.


  • 800 grams
  • 24mm rim height
  • 6106 Aluminum rim with a machined braking surface
  • 20 straight-pull, bladed, radially laced spokes
  • Includes rim tape and a quick release skewer
Reg Price $159.95


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