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Kreitler Alloy 3.0 Rollers

In response to numerous requests for rollers not as 'tough' as the 2.25, Kreitler designed the 3.0 to provide plenty of resistance for hard efforts, but not be too hard that a light spin can also be acheived when selecting easier gear combo on your bike. The silver aluminum drum tubes are 3" in diameter and are 15" wide and have silver anodized end caps. The frame is black epoxy powder coated and has a white belt. A 'tough' person could be humiliated by the "Killer KOOL Headwind" on this set.


  • Kreitler Forkstand available
  • Kreitler Killer Headwind available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rollers help develope smooth pedal action

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  • $445.00
    Item #: 973030
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