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Stans NoTubes Alpha 400 Team Wheelset

The Stan's NoTubes Alpha 400 Team wheelset is made to be slightly more durable than the lighter 340 Team wheels, but still come in a very respectable 1495 grams for the pair. Their application is aimed for road or cyclocross and can run tubeless or with a regular tire and inner tube. It comes pre-taped with 2 layers of 21mm tape and 44mm valve stems installed so it is virtually ready to go.

The Alpha 400 rim features Stan's Bead Socket Technology (BST) and is the perfect balance between light and durable. The rim features short sidewalls and a wide inside rim cavity for lower tire pressure creating a firm tire feel with decreased rolling resistance. So in addition to virtually eliminating the possibility of flats, you get a leak-free seal with tubeless and better tire performance with either tubeless or with a regular tire and tube setup.

A 660 gram, 24 hole front wheel is radially laced with DT Supercomp spokes to Stans new 3.30 hub with cartridge bearing while the 835 gram, 28 hole rear wheel is laced radial, 2x with DT Supercomp spokes to a 3.30 rear hub which has recently been re-designed for increased lateral stiffness. All in all a best in class tubeless ready wheelset for road or cyclocross. All this while still providing the one of a kind ride quality of the Alpha 400 rim at an affordable price.


  • 1495 grams
  • 21mm wide
  • DT black Supercomp spokes
  • 24 spoke frt/28 spoke rear
  • DT Silver alloy nipples
  • 22.6mm depth profile
  • Includes, skewers, tubeless valve stems and rims are pre-taped
  • Great for building into a light road or cyclocross tubeless wheelset
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