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Fizik Antares OO Saddle

Fizik took the highly successful Antares model and found a few ways to make it better. At the suggestion of Liquigas rider, Ivan Basso, Fizik added wing flex - meaning the edges of the saddle have a bit of give - to help with a smooth and powerful pedaling action. Weight was reduced to a super low 134 grams with foam core padding that also provides more cushioning than other saddles in this weight class. Though lighter, the foam core of the OO also delivers a stiffer base allowing strong riders extra support for high-wattage efforts.

The Fizik Antares 00 fills the gap between Fizik's most popular saddles, the Aliante and the Arione. The Antares 00 is flat just like the Arione, but is a little wider like the Aliante--offering more support for the sit bones. The Antares 00 also has a slightly wider nose and thin yet comfortable padding to provide a cushioned feel. Its light 134 gram weight and lightweight braided carbon rails make it a great choice for a rider seeking quality, comfort, and super light weight.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • Wing Flex design
  • Carbon reinforced shell
  • Durable microtex cover
  • 134 grams actual weight
  • 10.4mm braided carbon rail
  • More padding than other saddles in the same weight class
  • $256.00
    Reg Price $320.00
    Item #: 701003 Weight: 134g
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