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Tacx Antares Rollers

The Tacx Antares rollers feature a state of the art design. The drums are heavy and have a conical shape to make the ride extra stable. It is virtually impossible to ride off the Antares rollers. The Antares rollers collapse to only 31.5" (80) and are easily transportable.

The Antares were developed for trackies, but can be used by any cyclist for training to provide benefits unique to rollers. Riding rollers improves the pedal stroke like no other exercise. Who wouldn't want a glass-smooth pedal stroke that stays intact at high rpms? Riding rollers also improves equilibrium and general athletic ability while also improving fitness at the same time.


  • Collapsible to 31.5" for easy transport
  • Conical shape makes the ride extra stable
  • Heavy drums create inertia for smoothness
  • Great for training, improving pedal spin, and equilibrium

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