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Fizik Antares Versus Saddle

The Fizik Antares Versus Kium rail saddle features a recessed, center channel about 2cm wide to provide relief to sensitive areas. The channel is created with extra padding for more cushioning as well as center relief.

The Fizik Antares fills the gap between Fizik's most popular saddles, the Aliante and the Arione. The Antares is flat just like the Arione, but is a little wider like the Aliante--offering more support for the sit bones. Its light 205 gram weight and durable Kium rails make it a great racing saddle.

The Fizik Antares has Fizik's proven pedigree of comfort, and it also has more padding than most other saddles in the same weight class. The Antares is a fantastic choice for riders who prefer a lightweight, flat and slightly wider saddle. The Antares is ICS compatible meaning a Fizik ICS saddle bag can snap onto the saddle for a super-clean installation--no more straps flapping around.


  • 205 grams
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Durable microtex cover
  • 80mm rail adjustability
  • Carbon reinforced shell
  • More padding than other saddles in the same weight class
  • ICS bag compatible - Fizik XS ICS saddle bag sold separately
  • $123.45
    Reg Price $179.95
    Item #: 701120 Weight: 205g