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Camelbak Antidote Reservior 70oz

After many years of faithful service from the standard Omega reservoir, the brain trust at CamelBak redesigned their popular bladder with many upgraded features. The most noticeable design change is the cap. No longer is a Herculean effort required to open and remove the cap. One 1/4 turn with minimum effort does the trick. It also has a larger diameter, so filling is easier as well. While they were at it, the engineers lowered the stack height for a slimmer fit and made the entire cap assembly 19% lighter.

The bladder itself features hidden 'dryer arms' which fold down from the cap to open the entire fill area and expose it to air for quick drying. A baffle has been added to the center of the bladder to keep the weight of the water evenly distributed and stable - a feature borrowed from the Military line of packs. This feature also reduces the stack height by a claimed 24% and provides a flat and seamless integration into the pack.

Lastly, a Quick Link valve has been added to the bottom of the pack where the tube exits. This nifty feature has a shut-off valve and allows the user to 'click-fit' tubes for replacement, add filters or insulated tubes in a matter of seconds. Clearly the finest bladder we have seen from any manufacturer and makes for a nice upgrade to any pack, whether you are using CamelBak brand or any other brand.


  • Easy open cap
  • Quick-Link valve system
  • Big Bite valve included
  • Baffled bladder
  • Low profile
  • 70oz bladder
  • $27.95
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    Item #: 661100
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