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Fizik Arione R3 Carbon Braided Saddle

The Arione 00 Braided. The Arione R1 Braided. Now the R3 Braided. Fizik develops saddles with the rider as the priority, and most of us do (unfortunately!) have a budget. Despite the challenges, you know you want the braided carbon rails and the terrific Arione shape and feel. The R3 delivers by mounting the Composite Glass co-injected Nylon Wing-Flex shell to the braided rail system. You still get all the terrific support and vibration absorbing qualities of carbon, as well as the power transfer and comfort of the proven Wing-Flex system at only 165g.

The Arione falls into the Snake category within Fizik's Spine Concept, recommending riders have full flexibility from the hip (touch hands to the ground when bent at the waist). Our experience riding and selling this saddle is that many riders of different body types will enjoy the Arione. One of the challenges in designing a saddle that is both supportive and forgiving is durability. There is a fine line between flex and a lack of support. If you are a high mileage rider who loves the Arione design, the R3 is the great choice for you. This saddle delivers a consistent feel and flex for thousands of riding hours. Here at Excel, we have the utmost respect for Fizik's products and the Arione is still a top seller- in all models.


  • ICS System compatible
  • Unidirectional braided carbon fiber rails 7x9mm oval
  • Composite Glass co-injected Nylon Wing-Flex shell
  • Microtex cover and thigh glides
  • Available in Black/Gray, Black/Red
  • 300mm x 132mm
  • 165 grams
  • Handmade in Italy
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Reg Price $239.95


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