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San Marco Aspide TT Saddle White

Based on the ever popular Aspide saddle design, the Aspide TT shares all the same curves and profiles with added soft-medium density padding in the nose portion of the saddle. If you slip into the back of the saddle it feels just like a standard Aspide with firm padding that is supportive and offers zero power transfer loss. Move up to the front of the saddle in the aero position and you get a super padded area that could almost be considered luxurious. It feels like you could spend all day in this position in complete comfort and bliss.

This resin shell and Xlite titanium rails keep the weight down to a scant 187 grams. Subtle graphics look great and you can choose from black or white to match your steed. Leather cover is nice quality and is plenty durable.


  • Based on winning Aspide design
  • TT padded nose
  • Leather cover
  • Choose color
  • Xlite titanium rails
  • 187 grams
  • Made in Italy
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