Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Clincher Wheelset

The 2014 Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Clincher features quality workmanship and construction in a sub-1550 gram 41mm section wheel at a budget-friendly price. In fact, this wheel favorably compares to similar wheel costing over a thousand dollars more.

Reynold's Assault is traditionally one of their most popular wheels ever and now has been significantly upgraded with Reynolds' Enhanced Swirl Lip Generator®. It also boasts a new 41 mm depth and 25 mm width. Swirl Lip Technology refers to Reynold's proprietary technology designed to smooth turbulence and pressure drag with an advanced rim shape. The Assault SLG is lighter and stiffer than its predecessors and ideal for a wide range of terrain and demands.

This wheelset can do it all from crits to climbs as well as time trials and triathlons. The Assault features a 41mm cross-section which many find is the ideal balance of aerodynamics and weight. The 41mm helps to reduce watts required and offer an increasing advantage as speeds increase. But the 41mm section is not adversely affected by crosswinds which can be an issue with some of the super deep rims. The new 25mm external width enhances aerodynamics, lessons buffeting from crosswinds and enhances tire performance.

Compatible for Shimano, Shimano 11 speed and SRAM. Includes skewers, rim tape, rim strips, Reynolds Cryo-Blue brake pads, valve extenders and spacers.


  • 41mm rim depth and 25mm external width
  • Weight 1539 grams
  • Compatible for Shimano including 11-speed and SRAM
  • Front wheel has 20 DT Aerocomp spokes radially laced
  • Rear wheel has 24 DT Aerocomp spokes laced radial, 2x drive
Reg Price $1,800.00
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 Anonymous : 

Bought these for a little under $1200 which is about half of what I paid for my Zipps. Good quality build and hubs spin smoothly. Not sure what other poster was talking about with skewers, I've had no problems. Recommended, especially at this price.

Pros: value, quality

Cons: free shipping would be nice


 Anonymous : 

Generally speaking, these wheels have lived up to their billing. They are light for a carbon aero clincher wheelset, and the rear wheel has no flex on hard, out-of-the-saddle efforts. I dont know that I am necessarily faster with these wheels, but they look cool and match the matte-black finish of my bike.

I do have issues with the skewers. The front skewer is too long and sticks out of the fixing nut. But the real problem is with the rear wheel skewer. It doesn't tighten tight enough to prevent the rear wheel from moving in the drop-offs, causing a drive-you-crazy squeak.

The threads of the front skewer does have a small reveal and are slightly visible when the wheel is fastened, the threads are smooth and shouldn't cause issues. We have personally found no squeaking issues and the skewers fasten down tight and are easy to use - ed

Pros: Great looking wheels, ride really nice

Cons: Cheap skewers