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Hutchinson Atom Tubeless Tire

Hutchinson Atom Tubeless Tire

The Hutchinson Atom road tubeless tire features a single tread compound for lightweight performance. The slick tread is perfect for racing, time trials or any fast riding. A carbon bead is light and allows for a perfect seal in a UST style rim.

The Atom is one of the lightest tubeless tires available at 285 grams. It is supposed to be slightly less puncture resistant than the Fusion 3 Tubeless, but we have found the Atom quite reliable since we tend to use sealant and seldom get flats.

Tubeless tires give a couple significant benefits. First, they have a softer ride quality with improved traction. This is due to the fact there is no friction between a tire and tube. Cornering, rolling and descending are vastly enhanced. Tubeless tires also have no chance of pinch flatting, since there is no tube to pinch.


  • 125 psi maximum inflation
  • Excellent choice for lightweight performance
  • Great for racing, time trials and fast training
  • 127 tpi
  • 285 grams
  • $59.99
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    Reg Price $90.00


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