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Road    Bottom Brackets

Rotor BB1 Ceramic Bottom Bracket

If you have ever owned or observed a Rotor product, it is easy to understand that they really focus on the quality of the product they are producing. The level of tolerance that they machine their components to is amazing. They use high-grade materials, so combine the workmanship with the material and you end up with a component worth investing in.

The BB1 bottom bracket has beautifully finished, black anodized cups. The cups receive Enduro's ABEC5/C3 ceramic bearings which provide exceptional smoothness and durability. The center sleeve is made from high density plastic and attaches to the cups with O-ring seals. The threads on the cups are some of the finest we've seen and should make for easy installation to any quality bottom bracket shell. Perhaps what is most noteworthy is the fact the Rotor brings the entire bottom bracket in at 88 grams (including the sleeve) which makes it one of the lightest bottom bracket assemblies available.

Rotor offers the BB1 is black and is compatible with all Shimano and Shimano style outboard bearing road cranksets only. BSC-English thread.


  • Perfect machining and attention to detail
  • BSC-English thread
  • Enduro ABEC5/C3 ceramic bearings
  • Compatible with Shimano/Shimano style cranks
  • 88 grams including sleeve
  • $145.00
    Item #: 135316 Weight: 88g
    Item is in stock