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Avid BB7 SL Road Mechanical Disc Brake

With momentum and direction now headed for disc on both road and cyclocross, Avid leads the charge in mechanical designed disc brakes with the BB7 SL. Similar to other BB7 designs expect with an eye on lightening the load with use of titanium hardware, alloy backed pads and drilled rotors. Caliper and rotor weight for a 140mm is a scant 272 grams. The polish and finish of the BB7 SL is superb.

Avid's proprietary Tri-Align caliper positioning design lets the caliper auto-align to the rotor and only takes a moment to adjust. Simply loosen the CPS bolts and then squeeze the brake lever while re-tightening the bolts for a perfect alignment. Inboard and outboard Speed Dial Pad knobs allow for quick, precise and easy brake pad adjustments as the pads wear. Spring tension is also completely adjustable.

The included HS1 rotor features Avid's cross-drilled technology that shed weight and dissipate heat under braking load. They also perform well in wet and inclement weather.


  • Mechanical, cable-actuated action
  • Speed Dial Pad knobs allow for quick and easy brake pad adjustments
  • Includes one caliper and one Avid HS1 drilled rotor
  • Forged alloy 2-piece construction
  • Alloy backed organic compound pad
  • Dual Knob Pad Adjustment
  • Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System
  • Designed for short pull road-style levers
  • Standard 74mm post mount
  • Choose from 140mm or 160mm rotor diameter
  • 170 grams (caliper only)
Reg Price $169.95


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