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Capo Bacio Midweight Jacket

Like other garments in the Bacio range, this jacket is focused on lightweight materials with a streamlined fit. You will be hard pressed to find a lighter jacket that offers this much warmth and protection from the elements. Simple styling cues add an elegance to the garment by purposely being underwhelming.

The body of the Bacio jersey is curved and paneled to fit a women's body shape while the sleeves are the proper length and not too long. The dual-layer Protegge wind proof membrane is used for protection against the elements. For insulation, Roubaix fleece is provided. This combonation of waterproof and warmth is medium weight and offer a good balance of protection vs. garment volume. This materials supple, multi-directional stretch micro-fiber, containing an active hydrophilic treatment for rapid moisture transfer, aka: wicking. Capo's Silver fabric is utilized under the arms and down the sides of the jersey. Silver material is a quick-drying, dual knit micro-fiber with visible silver thread(hence the name of the fabric) positioned near the arm pit and side panel for increased breathability and effective anti-bacterial protection.


  • Protegge wind and water proofing
  • Roubaix micro fleece
  • Tapered fit
  • Medium weight
Reg Price $179.95
Item #: 876017