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Pearl Izumi Barrier Headband

You enjoy Fall riding, or you have a commute that pushes into cooler temperatures. You don't quite need a full coverage hat, and just want a little ear and forehead coverage. Given your outdoor nature, you likely enjoy running, working outside or other high output outdoor activities The Barrier Headband from Pearl Izumi is just the piece for you. Designed for cyclists, but can be worn for any activity, this headband packs smart and effective technology and terrific materials into a small package. The tested and high performing Barrier material keeps the wind and cold from your forehead, and the P.R.O. Thermal insulating material provides efficient warmth for weight and effective moisture transfer. This version of the P.R.O. Thermal employs a blend of Minerale fabric to absorb and neutralize odor.

To match the high tech materials, Pearl designers have developed an ergonomic cut and panel shapes that offer great fit for most people. The headband has a great feel on the skin and hair, and is not bulky, so wearing it under a helmet is not an issue. For those of you for favor a ponytail, there is a slot in the back that accommodates most, and helps keep the piece from sliding up on your head. Smooth, flat stitch seams keep the panels connected and comfortable. You want lightweight, effective technology, excellent feel and finish quality, and reasonable cost. In other words, you want Pearl Izumi.


  • Forehead Barrier protection in an insulating headband
  • Barrier fabric- 100% polyester
  • P.R.O Thermal- 63% polyester/ 27% Minerale polyester/ 10% elastane
  • Reflective elements in visible areas
  • Ponytail compatible
  • Color- Black
  • One Size


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