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Pearl Izumi Barrier Skull Cap

Not everyone needs or wants a balaclava. Pearl Izumi has long offered the same technologies throughout the accessory line, understanding the preferences and variables that riders require. The Barrier Skull Cap may seem like overkill for just a cap, but remember, everyone has their own preferences. For many riders a warm and wind blocking cap is more than enough, and the Barrier Skull Cap delivers. The P.R.O. Thermal fabric and windproof Barrier blocker keep rider warm and regulated, and the forehead protected from the cold on-rushing air. The key to any functional winter cycling gear is the ability to provide and regulate heat as well as transfer moisture away from the body, and the P.R.O Thermal fabric is one of the best wicking insulators out there. This version of the P.R.O. Thermal includes Minerale, an engineered polyester that absorbs and neutralizes odor. key placement of the Barrier fabric on the forehead works well with the ergonomic fit to give the rest of the piece the chance to breathe and wick while riding comfortably under the helmet. While this a one size piece, the cut and stretch fit many head shapes and hair configurations. For those who need to use a ponytail, the Barrier Skull Cap does offer a rear slot for just that option.

Pearl keeps the design simple and low profile, but not so tight you will feel claustrophobic. This is actually an underrated aspect of winter cycling. Garments need to fit well, not add too much bulk, and complement each other. After all, you do need to wear your helmet over your hat and thick or bunching material just doesn't. Smooth, flat stitch seams keep the panels connected and comfortable. You want lightweight, effective technology, excellent feel and finish quality, and reasonable cost.


  • Form-fitting under helmet headwear
  • Front Panel Barrier fabric- 100% polyester
  • Main Body P.R.O Thermal- 63% polyester/ 27% Minerale polyester/ 10% elastane
  • Reflective elements in visible areas
  • Color- Black
  • One Size
Reg Price $29.95


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