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Dumonde Tech Bicycle Chain Lube Original Formula 2oz

This chain lube has had a cult following among mechanics in the know. Only a small amount is needed to provide long lasting lubrication that quiets the chain and extends the life of drivetrain components. Best of all, it quiets and lubricates without being oily or greasy. This original formula is recommended for tough conditions, wet weather, cyclocross and mountain biking. Try the Lite formula for road biking.

Dumonde Tech Bicycle Chain Lube forms an extremely low-friction coating on the chain. It actually bonds to chain and can't be washed off. Dumonde Tech Bicycle Chain Lube helps components stay cleaner, last longer and run more quietly. It is extremely durable and outlasts most other chain lubes.

Lite and Original Bicycle Chain Lube (BCL) differ only in their concentration. Lite BCL is less concentrated for easier application and optimum performance. Lite is recommended for road bikes. Original is recommended for cyclocross, mountain biking or road biking in wet conditions.

You can confidently use Dumonde Tech's Bicycle Chain Lubes on all cables, pivots points and seals. It is safe on plastic, rubber and all seal materials. Dumonde Tech products are eco-friendly and environmentally sensitive. They are engineered to perform with a minimal carbon footprint because they don't wash off in water.

Use Dumonde Tech Chain Lube sparingly because it lasts longer between applications versus other chain lube. Dumonde Tech suggests applying the lube lightly to a clean, dry chain. Only reapply when you notice chain noise increasing.


  • Improves shifting
  • Reduces chain noise
  • Increases chain life
  • Prevents corrosion

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 Anonymous : 

Excellent lube. Very smooth, lasts long. Smells like blue cheese. One-star deduction as the chain is pretty much black at the end of a ride (riding in dry winter conditions) and and must be wiped down on a daily basis, though I find this to be true of the best lubes.

Our favorite lube. If you start with a clean chain, it will not be black at the end of a ride. The black residue is the lube cleaning the grit and grome from the chain and then purging it outward. - ed

Pros: Very smooth

Cons: Gets dirty fast


 Anonymous : 

Original is great for off road use in the dry and dusty or the wet and mucky. Love it. Last longer then most? I have not found one that will last longer let alone stay pretty clean. Good stuff.

Pros: Lasts a long time in all riding conditions. Clean.

Cons: Don't have any that I have experienced