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Craft Bike Siberian Glove

Cycling gloves for extreme weather are often named for the anticipated conditions. So when Craft names a glove Siberian, the product immediately triggers thoughts of the heavy winds, harsh cold, snow, and ice you’d enjoy in Siberia. Perhaps experience, rather than enjoy, but you get the idea: these gloves will be expected to perform in nasty weather. With a wind and waterproof elastic 3 layer VentairTM softshell outer, supple softshell palm, and fleece insulation throughout, Craft has provided cyclists with the protection level required for such conditions, but in a high output sport like cycling, protection is just half the story. The Siberian Glove is supple and comfortable, and the materials work together to regulate heat and manage moisture. Those two processes are the more difficult challenges for any cold weather glove. The materials have to work together to provide and store heat, block the elements, yet lift moisture from the skin and transfer out of the glove.

The team at Craft has built the Siberian Glove as a fully functional and comfortable piece for today’s cyclists. From the soft terry wiping surface on the thumb, to the silicone gripper elements on the palm and fingers, you will find the features you expect. The index finger and thump tips are touch screen compatible. The seams and material transitions are smooth and barely noticeable while wearing, and the glove conforms and stretches very well for the level of protection. There is an elastic fitting around the wrist and an extended, low profile cuff that has a simple Velcro closure on the underside. All in all, while you might not ride in Siberia, Craft has delivered a glove that will keep you warm, dry, and in control in seriously cold and wet weather.


  • VentairTM Wind 3 Layer Softshell outer, 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex
  • Craft Softshell, palm/ insulation, 80% Polyester,TpuFilm, 20% Elastane
  • Ergonomic fit with active stretch and elastic materials
  • Wrist elastic and extended cuff with underside Velcro closure
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Reflective logos promote visibility
  • Soft wiping zone on back of thumb
  • Color- Black, with Bright Red highlight
  • Sizes- Small, Medium, Large, XL
Reg Price $59.95
Item #: 865022