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Knog Blinder 4 Dots USB-Recharge

Sleek and cool Knog Blinder lights are more than urban chic. They are waterproof, USB rechargeable and very compact weighing only 39 grams plus attach toolessly to your 22-32mm handlebar, post or frame.

The Knog Blinder 4 has four super bright LEDs that pump out up to 80 Lumens of front light and 44 lumens for the red LED rear light. Its optimized optics focus and directs a smooth beam pattern that makes the Blinder visible over 800 meters with a balanced ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead. With 5 different modes (Steady, Fast Flash, Organic Flash Slow, Organic Flash Fast, Eco flash) and a burn time of up to 3-hours in constant beam and up to 50-hours in eco-flash mode, they will keep you well seen.

Quality construction includes UV-resistant industrial grade silicone, polycarbonate housing, polycarbonate lens, hard-anodized aluminum fascia and a solid stainless steel MIM latch. Efficient LEDs designed to provide maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time for each mode rather than LED brightness deteriorating during your ride. The Blinder 4 has been tested against the following; drop tests, corrosion tests, UV tests, electrical shock and static, vibration and impact, temperature and humidity, cycle testing and CE certification.

Available in black or silver (White LEDs are front lights and red LEDs are rear lights).


  • 42 x 42 x 62mm
  • 39 grams
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • 39 grams
  • Tool-less attachment for handlebars/rear-posts and frames of 22-32mm
Reg Price $44.95
Item #: 446430