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Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Shorts

As the name implies, these Body Paint bibs were designed to feel like a natural extension, like they were painted on your body. Interestingly enough while other apparel manufacturers are adding panels to increase support and fit, the Body Paint bibs reduce the panel count to one. This one monster panel that is anatomically cut and attached back onto itself creating a comfortable bib with solid muscle compression that is unmatched in lightweight and low volume.

The Body Paint main panel is constructed from one anatomically correct piece of Power Stretch Lycra. It is looped around and attached back onto itself at the inside of your inseam. This one piece construction offers the ultimate in low volume and muscle compression in a lightweight package. The fabric features a variable knit structure which allows the designers at Castelli to offer a dimpled front texture for added aerodynamics and proprietary weaving for increased moisture wicking capacity. The vertically tapered leg grippers have the same thickness and use the identical material as the bib body for a literally seamless transition. The Body Paint's uppers feature the super elastic Giro++ design which has thin and flat profile which extends the second skin design to your torso. These suspenders are unified by one large vented back panel for added fit and support. This panel also houses an asymmetrically placed iPod pouch to help you keep your tunes and wires organized in the event you care to ride with musical assistance.

Inside the bibs you will find Castelli's top of the line Progetto X2 chamois. This elastic insert features a two piece construction. The first piece is the base. This is the working part of the chamois which has three gel areas that are located at your sit bones and soft tissue areas and is sculpted for an anatomic fit. The second is a skin care layer that is bacteriostatic, soft and seamless to prevent chafing. When you combine these two parts into one unified chamois, you get one of the best cycling inserts ever produced. Due to the construction of the insert, you can pin the chamois into the bibs prior to stitching for a perfect, non-wrinkled fit.


  • Power Stretch Lycra
  • One panel construction
  • Variable knit structure for improved aerodynamics and moisture management
  • Progetto X2 Insert
  • Giro++ suspenders
  • Rear iPad pouch
  • Aero leg dimples
  • Unified rear mesh panel
  • Chose size and color
Reg Price $249.99
Item #: 842413