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Kuat Bottle Lock

This unique design allows you to carry your bike lock and store it as a bottle when not in use. The Bottle Lock is probably the best use of efficiency we have seen to date for a lock and takes care of the storage when not in use issue .

The Bottle Lock fits into any standard bottle cage and is remains dormant until you are ready to lock your bike. Leaving the Bottle Lock in the water bottle cage, you simply unfurl the cable, weaving it through wheels and frame then back to the bottle to secure the locking mechanism. The 8mm braided cable is 5ft long and features a clear coated exterior. The bottle has a screw-off bottom to house your keys or other small items. Two keys are supplied with each bottle.


  • 5' long coiled cable
  • Vinyl dipped 8mm braided cable
  • Screw-off bottle compartment
  • Includes 2 keys
  • 428 grams
Reg Price $29.00
Item #: 930135