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Hudz Brake Hoods For Dura-Ace Soft 7800

SoftGrip Hoods are 25% softer and provide 80% more grip than the original Hudz brake hoods. They are a good choice for riders who spend a lot of time on uneven roads and are also possibly the ultimate enhancement for a cyclocross bike. Softgrip Hudz are also great in bad weather. They also excel on long, steady rides where the hands are consistently on the brake hoods. Softgrip Hudz can especially help riders with other hand issues that would benefit from the softer compound. Softgrip Hudz are not intended to replace original Hudz but are an option to allow riders to customize this critical contact point.


  • 40 grams
  • Great for cyclocross
  • 25% softer than original Hudz
  • Carefully crafted for a precise fit
  • 80% more grip than the original Hudz
  • Perfect for rough roads or bad weather
  • Can benefit riders with certain hand issues
  • $24.95
    Reg Price $29.95
    Item #: 562190 Weight: 40g