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Hudz Brake Hoods For Ultegra 6600

Hudz for Ultegra brake hoods feature better ergonomics and are availible in standard or soft versions. Standard feels like stock OE hoods, while the soft has a lower durameter compound which offers better grip, softer feel and more comfort. Soft is also preferd for riders who don't always were gloves. Grippier compound also makes them perfect for cyclocross or riding in inclement weather. All Hudz are carefully crafted for a precise fit and are easy to install.

Compatible with:

  • All Ultegra 6600 series
  • 105 5600
  • R700


  • 35 grams per pair
  • Enhanced ergonomics over stock hoods
  • Choose red or white
  • Choose from standard or soft
  • Not compatible with 9 speed STI levers
  • $18.88
    Reg Price $29.95
    Item #: 562165 Weight: 43g