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Enve Composites Brake Pads

The designers at Enve spent a lot of time designing the Smart Wheel System, so it only makes sense that they would develop a brake pads to complete the wheel package. These specially designed pads feature a compound that is not only carbon specific, but optimized when used with Enve rims.

These pads do a fine job at both modulation and raw stopping power. They also resist heating up, so it will reduce fading and that dreaded feel of your brake pads melting into your rim feeling. These Enve pads are sold in pairs and fit all Shimano/SRAM brakes as well as all Shimano style brake shoes. Sold in pairs, so order two for an entire bike.


  • Specially formulated compound
  • Sold in pairs
  • Fits all Shimano/SRAM brake shoes
  • Perfect match for Enve rims
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 Anonymous : 

Have over 3000 miles on these with Enve 45 wheels. They do not show much wear. I have gone down 17 degree hills for over a mile braking and no sign of heat up. They work in the rain. Amazing for a carbon wheel and break. I see no difference from the braking on aluminum wheels with standard pads.

Pros: Work as well as aluminum wheels and pads

Cons: non