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Ritchey Break-Away Ti-Carbon Frameset

The Break-Away Ti-Carbon Frameset is the ultimate travel bike. Made of aerospace grade Titanium and carbon fiber. The Break-Away design travel bikes are world renown for their unique blend of travel convenience and no-compromise performance. Other travel bikes leave a lot to be desired and are more suited to short errands. The well proven Break-Away concept lets you bring a great riding bike that rides just like a regular road bike in a travel case that is only 8.5"x 26.5"x 31" - the size of a large suitcase. For comparison, a full size bike box or travel case is much larger and more cumbersome at 50"x30"X10". Ritchey can't promise what the airlines will charge, but the cost difference of a checked suitcase versus a bike travel fee has the potential to save hundreds of dollars.

This Ti/Carbon in frame weighs in at 3.15lbs (56cm), while the fork is a scant 308 grams. For simplicity, it features a braze on front derailleur mount, an extremely clean and simple integrated head tube, sloping rear carbon stays, a replaceable rear dropout, and a superlight all carbon WCS fork. With the rising cost of traveling with a bike on the airlines(approx $100 each way), the Break-Away design travels as standard, checkable luggage - save over $200 per trip.


  • Includes Ritchey Breakaway Deluxe Travel Bag
  • 1 1/8" WCS integrated headset included
  • Frame can be assembled/dis-assembled in 10 minutes
  • Simple/Sturdy Design
  • 56cm frame weights 3.15lbs
  • Frame purchase includes full carbon fork
  • Superb quality brushed finish with matte graphics
  • Requires braze on Front Derailleur
  • 27.2 Seatpost Diameter


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Posted on 7/22/2015

Ive owned a titanium Breakaway for almost a decade. Im somewhat of a titanium bike nerd, as I also own three Serotta titanums: a Legend Ti, a Concours Ti, and a Hors Categorie. The Ritchey rides as nicely as the Serottas. Id have no problem riding the Ritchey as my one and only bike. Im a larger rider (6-2 220 lbs). My frame is 60". On steep climbs the Ritchey doesnt creak or pop (as long as you learn to adjust the down tube ring properly), and as with most titanium frames, it delivers a silky smooth ride on even the roughest roads. I mostly fly AA, which charges a ridiculous $175 each way for bikes. So the Ritchey has probably saved me > $10k in baggage fees over its life. The baggage agents usually eye my hardshell case suspiciously, I tell them it's a set of racing wheels. I don't like to lie, but the airlines have declared all-out war on their customers, and all is fair in love & war.

Pros Silky smooth titanium ride, handles beautifully

Cons None


Posted on 6/2/2012

I have been flying with my collapsible bike for ten years without united is changing policy and will charge $200for each way for bikes overseas regardless of the size of the box!that is a crime!crimes


Posted on 2/20/2008 1:11:03 PM

Best bike purchase I’ve made in years! I was considering the steel version but I decided that I wanted a race-worthy bike for traveling so I plunked down the extra dough and went for the ti-carbon. It is BEAUTIFUL, it rides like a dream, and packing it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. I raced a three-day stage race on it and the bike felt totally rock solid climbing, descending, and sprinting. The first time I packed the bike it took me about 45 minutes because I was carefully following the directions, but now I can pack it in about 30 minutes. I was a bit nervous that I’d get charged on the flight because the box is technically 2" too big, but I’ve done two flights so far and they haven’t measured it. United is about to raise the cost of checking a bike to $100 each way, and at this price it doesn’t take long for the frame to pay for itself. One of the other big benefits is that you don’t have to rent a big car when you get to your destination.