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Ritchey BreakAway Pro Road Frame Kit


The Ritchey Break-Away Steel Road frameset makes it easy to travel with a full-size bike that rides just like a regular road bike. It features a patented system that is lighter, requires no special tools and faster to use than other travel bike systems. The Break-Away road packs into the included 8.5" W x 26.5"H x 31"L travel case with wheels. Ritchey does not guarantee what the airlines will charge, but most find it is usually much less than a full-size bike case.

The investment cast lugs and cromoly compression coupling by the bottom bracket are the keys to the Break-Away design. The lugs securely grip the seatpost in two places and join the upper portion of main triangle to the rear. On the downtube, nearly at the bottom bracket shell, the compression coupling forms the lower connection for the front and rear triangles. The coupler clamps unobtrusively around small flanges on the downtube.

This simple and effective design only adds 100 grams to the frame. Only a 4mm and 5mm Allen wrench and the removal of two bolts are required to take apart or assemble the frame. Cables are separated with these easy to use cable splitters.


  • Full size bike can be split apart into a travel case
  • Patented locking compression coupling system
  • Ritchey heat treated, Cro/moly butted steel tubing
  • Includes reusable nylon/cloth packing kit
  • Comes with Travel case, 1 1/8" carbon fork with carbon steerer, headset and packing kit
Item #: 012040
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