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Ritchey BreakAway Pro Road Frame Kit


The Ritchey Break-Away Steel Road frameset makes it easy to travel with a full-size bike that rides just like a regular road bike. It features a patented system that is lighter, requires no special tools and faster to use than other travel bike systems. The Break-Away road packs into the included 8.5" W x 26.5"H x 31"L travel case with wheels. Ritchey does not guarantee what the airlines will charge, but most find it is usually much less than a full-size bike case.

The investment cast lugs and cromoly compression coupling by the bottom bracket are the keys to the Break-Away design. The lugs securely grip the seatpost in two places and join the upper portion of main triangle to the rear. On the downtube, nearly at the bottom bracket shell, the compression coupling forms the lower connection for the front and rear triangles. The coupler clamps unobtrusively around small flanges on the downtube.

This simple and effective design only adds 100 grams to the frame. Only a 4mm and 5mm Allen wrench and the removal of two bolts are required to take apart or assemble the frame. Cables are separated with these easy to use cable splitters.


  • Full size bike can be split apart into a travel case
  • Patented locking compression coupling system
  • Ritchey heat treated, Cro/moly butted steel tubing
  • Includes reusable nylon/cloth packing kit
  • Comes with Travel case, 1 1/8" carbon fork with carbon steerer, headset and packing kit

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Posted on 9/15/2014

I was heading over to Europe to do some riding and what the airline was charging was obscene. So I bought this frame and built it up. My other bikes are carbon or ti, so this is the heaviest of the bunch. But, it is not that heavy. This weighs no more than 1lb more than my comparable carbon bike. I put it together to make sure I got a feel for the ride before my big trip. The ride was very nice and predictable. I felt confident on the bike. Once in Europe, it handled the mountains without a problem. The bag it comes with is slightly oversized, but in 4 trips I have never paid to fly it or had an agent ask about the contents or measure the size. The frame has paid for itself in saved fees already. You should look at the youtube videos a couple of times before trying to disassemble the bike. Even though it came with padding, I still ran out and got some thicker pipe insulation to padd the tubes. With some practice assembling in under 1/2 an hour is possible.

Pros Works as advertise.

Cons slightly oversize bag. Tight once packed


Posted on 6/26/2013

This is one of the finest riding frames I've ever thrown a leg over. It's fast and compliant. Ripping this bike down dirt roads is an absolute blast because of the geometry. The fact that it's steel pretty much has nothing to do with it's ride quality either, it's in the geometry. A very smooth ride. As far as the travel case not being inside airline guidelines, the ad reads "Ritchey does not guarantee what the airlines will charge". Plus it would be impossible for Ritchey to keep up with the ever changing airline industry.

Pros Great Geometry, climbs great, nice descender

Cons I would like to see a more polished clamp


Posted on 6/25/2013

The case is oversized, period. Why Ritchey makes this frame but didn't design the entire package to meet airline baggage guidelines is confounding. Maximum size is 62 linear inches. This case is 66". Airlines are getting pickier every day, anyway they can collect additional fees, they will. One star, Ritchey blew this one!

Pros Frame is great

Cons Case size misses the mark


Posted on 6/25/2013

This rides like a dream. The assembly and disassembly is reasonably easy though packing my 58cm frame is a bit of game of memory. I have been able to do it with simple, small tools that mostly fit with the bike. I have not had any issue going through the airport with this nor have I been charged at this point for a bike fee. It has really been a great bike for the long haul

Pros Rides well, packs away small and convenient

Cons Carry extra frame clamps, theyre easy to misplace