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Campagnolo Bullet 50 Clincher Wheelset

The 50mm section rim has long been considered the perfect aero section for all purpose, everyday use. This long awaited wheel is a product Campy's Tech lab which develops aero rim shapes for maximum efficiency and reduced buffeting in crosswinds. In addition to cutting edge aero shapes, Campagnolo's Bullet line of wheels feature the latest construction techniques for reliable, trouble-free performance and the best ride quality.

The Bullet 50 rim uses an exclusive coupling system for an aluminum rim braking surface with a light and strong carbon structure. An exclusive pressing system leaves the rim with a perfectly smooth, gloss carbon finish.

Campagnolo pays attention to their carbon layup so their wheels are dynamically balanced for smoothness at speed much like the wheels on a formula one racecar. Momag™ technology means the rims are free of holes for lighter weight and increased strength. This also means no rim strips required.

Other technical features include an anti-rotational spoke system so the spokes are always aligned in the most aerodynamic direction. An exclusive Directional Rim Spokes Coupling system allows the rim, spokes, nipples and hub to align properly for an extremely uniform spoke tension. Self locking brass nipples means it is unlikely that these wheels will ever need truing.


  • 50mm rim profile
  • Quality stainless steel bearing
  • 785 grams front and 970 grams rear
  • Includes skewers, wheel bags and valve extenders and quality Campagnolo skewers
  • Anti rotational spoke system
  • Oversize flange on drive side
  • Compatible with Campagnolo 11,10 and 9 speed cassettes

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Item #: 060400 Weight: 1755g
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