Hozan C-200 Pedal Wrench

The C-200 is a double sided 15mm open-end wrench constructed of forged steel. Each of the 15mm ends have on offset which moves the wrench away from the crankarm and creates a gap, so you can actually fit your hand around the tool and not pinch your fingers when you apply pressure to the tool and it breaks the pedal free. Frankly, we're a little surprised no one offers this simple feature. If you look carefully at the tool, you will notice one of the 15mm ends is directly in line with the body of the wrench, while the other is set at a 45° angle. This gives you the option of which to use depending on how the slot of the pedal is resting in the crankset.

The C-200 is a simple but thoughtful, no frills tool that will last you a lifetime. It is of the heavy, shop-grade style tool variety that you would expect to find in a professional's tool box and has been both a staff and shop favorite for many years.


  • Shop-grade tool
  • Forged steel construction
  • Standard 15mm open ends
  • Dual sided offset for hand-crank clearance
  • Straight and 45° angled combo
  • Must for any tool box
  • Made in Japan
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Posted on 3/31/2012

This is a beautiful tool that is well made. It is fairly long and provides good leverage. I like the two different angles on each side and it is more comfortable to use than other pedal wrenches.

Pros craftsmanship, ergonometrics

Cons none