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Hozan C-217 Cable Cutters

The Felco-style cutting head is second to none when it comes to quality cuts through any housing and cable - including compressionless brake housing. The C-217 is used by many Pro Tour mechanics and high quality shops.

With so many cable cutters on the market, it can be hard to choose the correct one. The most important feature with any cutter is how clean and crisp they slice and cut a cable and housing. A high-quality pair of cutters should snip in one pass and leave you with the cable housing still perfectly round and cables un-frayed. This means the tolerances of the blades and sharpness of the edges must be perfect and precise. The Hozan C-217 delivers on both of these elements.

The head of the C-217 clippers are cast steel and super sharp while the tolerances are so tight the distance between the blades cannot be measured with a micrometer they offer perfect cuts every time. Heavy duty return spring makes multiple passes when trimming housings a breeze. The locking clip keeps the tool folded when not in use. Coated handles are comfortable and offer plenty of grip.

As with all Hozan tools - would you pay a bit more for a quality tool that lasts a lifetime with proper use? If you would, you should consider these when looking for a new cutting tool.


  • Ultimate cutters for the money
  • Heavy duty return spring
  • Comfort handles
  • 'Felco' style cutter head
  • Made in Japan
  • $44.99
    Reg Price $62.99
    Item #: 528033
    Item is in stock