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Hozan C-330 Truing Stand

The Hozan C-330 is possibly the finest and definitely the most durable truing stand ever produced. It is a professional grade product that is both roust and precise. The design is so good that it has remained virtually unchanged for the past 30 years. Production of the C-330 takes place in small batches in Hozan's Japanese facility. It will bring a lifetime of joy for any person looking to build and service wheels. In fact, it is so durable, these are usually passed down generations like an heirloom.

At 40lbs, this beast doesn't need to be fastened to the bench, but you can for good measure if you desire. The base has small compartments molded in for spoke wrenches, nipples and other related items. The arms and extensions are infinitely adjustable with easy-turn knobs. Pins for lateral truing as well as a clever plate for vertical truing are easy to use, adjust and tune. We recommend purchasing the optional C-334 adapters to allow the stand to hold and secure wheels that have thru-axles.

This is the ultimate professional quality truing stand that we have had imported from Japan for personal consumption. This lifetime investment will produce quality wheel builds and never let you down.


  • Best truing stand produced
  • Limited quantities
  • Easy-turn knobs
  • Fits all diameter wheels
  • Hozan C-334 adapters required for thru-axle wheels sold separately
  • Small compartments on base
  • 40lbs
  • Made in Japan
Reg Price $599.99
Item #: 528104
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