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Hozan C-335 Wheel Alignment Gauge

The shop-grade C-335 wheel alignment tool is built to take the rigors of everyday shop life, if you are a home mechanic this means you will be passing it down to your kids. Over built and perfectly plum and square, this alignment tool will offer perfect service every time you use it. Simple design has an over-the-hub locknut with touching rim gauge and a fastening lock bolt. This allows you to re-set the gauge on opposite side of rim to adjust dish or determine if a frame is properly aligned.

As the catch phrase goes, you get what you pay for, and with this tool it rings true. Hand made in Japan from high quality steel to exacting standards, this tool has no equal.


  • Shop grade tool
  • They don't make them like this anymore
  • Super quality construction
  • Perfectly plum and square
  • Made in Japan
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