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Hozan C-354 Hub Axle Tool

The C-354 serves any person doing hub adjustment or repair. It will hold a threaded axle by its threads or a non-threaded axle from spinning. Thus allowing for easier assembly/dis-assembly or proper adjustment of any axle-cone design. It will also remove hub end caps which need to be taken off to repair, adjust and service most of today's contemporary hub designs.

The handle and shaft of the C-354 is hardened steel and has a pivoting end which allows you to adjust the pinch on the axle. The end of the grip is knurled for non-slip action during use. Shop quality tool.


  • Works on threaded and non-threaded axles
  • Pivoting grip
  • A must for servicing hubs
  • Shop quality tool
  • Made in Japan
Item #: 528110
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