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Hozan C-356 Cable Puller

In the bike industry we find certain tools that are instant classics and shop staples, never to be bested by another manufacturer. The Hozan Cable Puller, aka the 4th Hand tool is one of them.

This simple design is our shop's favorite and the quality and bomber construction will make it last a life time. The simple design doesn't have the added and sometimes problematic locking mechanism - not having this pesky locking adjustment allows you to adjust the cable tension back and forth until you find the perfect tension before you fix the cable, and this is what the tool was meant to do in the first place. By anyone's standards this tool is a winner.


  • Chromed steel construction
  • Vinyl dipped handles
  • Superb quality
  • Classic and timeless tool
  • Made in Japan
  • $29.99
    Item #: 528035 Weight: 231g
    Item is in stock