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Hozan C-448 Head Cup Press

Although the tool is called a head cup press, we use it just as much now for pressing in bottom brackets in modern style, non-threaded bb shells. Ironically, when most tools get dated due to new technology being introduced, the C-448 has actually taken on more relevance.

This Hozan tool is the best press we sell due to the fact that they are hand made in Japan in small batches to make sure tolerances and quality is perfect. All parts are constructed from hardened and anodized steel, The treads are rolled for precision while the cup holders are polished to prevent damage during the installation procedure. The bottom of the tool has 15mm flats to allow a wrench to be applied to study the tool when in use. This shop grade tool will last a lifetime with proper care.


  • Rolled threads
  • Polished cup holders
  • Anodized finish
  • 275mm length
  • Made in Japan
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Item #: 528118
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