Felco C7 Cable Cutters

If you desire the best and demand perfection, look no further. The Felco C7 cutter delivers perfect cuts every time, leaving you with un-crimped and squared off cable ends. It shears through any standard cable or housing with ease. Are they expensive? Yes. Will they out perform any other cutter and last a lifetime with proper care. Yes!

This tool is hand-made in Switzerland. The tolerances and action are super smooth and the results in terms of how well they cut housing and cables are superb - they even slice through 'compressionless' brake housing like butter, yielding a perfectly flush and squared off end. Consider the C7 an investment and the last cable cutter you will need to purchase.


  • Best cable cutter ever produced
  • Precise tolerances
  • Locking clasp
  • Heavy-duty return spring
  • Offset handle angle
  • Vinyl coated handles
  • Made in Switzerland
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