Lezyne CNC Chain Rod Tool

The shop quality Chain Rod Tool from Lezyne will deliver many seasons of shop bliss when removing lockrings, cassettes. Putting your mitts on the handle which is CNC'd then polished to a jewel like luster is a pure joy. The head of the tool is all business. It has been stamped, CNC'd and heat-treated to hold up to the rigors of daily shop abuse. The chain is narrow enough to fit on any modern cassette without slippage. The handle and head are attached via two stainless steel screws and the chain is replaceable, which means the tool is completely serviceable. You're looking at the last chain tool you will most likely never need to replace again in the foreseeable future.


  • Beautifully finished CNC'd handle
  • Stamped, CNC machined, and heat-treated steel head
  • Chain fits modern cassette spacing
  • Bombproof shop quality tool
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