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Tools & Maintenance    Bottom Bracket, Cassette, & Cog Tools

Lezyne CNC Rod Tool

The CNC Rod Tool starts as a universal 32mm hex tool with a long 335mm handle for leverage. This hex opening accepts any tools that fit this common size, but is really intended to work with the Lezyne attachments that we sell separately. You simply insert either of the Lezyne Two-Way bottom bracket and cassette lock ring tools and secure them with the machined lock screw and you have a shop grade tool that is perfect for bb, cassette and lockring chores.


  • Drawn and CNC'd construction
  • Polished like a jewel
  • 4mm stainless steel locking nut with rolled threads
  • 335mm/13.2" length
  • Stiff and stout
  • Shop quality

The CNC Rod tool does not include Lezyne Two-Way bottom bracket and cassette lock ring tool attachments. They must be purchased separately.

Reg Price $29.99
Item #: 528500
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