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Assos CS.Uno Chronosuit


Assos serves up one of the fastest and stylish skinsuits available on the market. The CS.Uno is the same suit Fabian Cancellara wore when he piloted himself to victory in the 2010 World TT Championships.

Like other Assos garments, AEPD fitting methods are applied, so the fit is perfect when assuming the cycling position. While this concept is important in all cycling garments, it is mission critical in a skinsuit. The construction of the suit is broken down into top and bottom. The top uses an Air resistant, Low Volume 4 way stretch lycra. This provides slippery aerodynamics to shave time off the clock. The bottom section has Assos's proprietary Type A430 lycra in the main body and the same 4 way aero stretch lycra as the top, on the side panels.

Other highlights of the skinsuit include a full zip front, low slung collar, small zip storage pocket on the lower back and finger loops to keep the sleeves taught and in place when riding. The Assos S5 chamois rounds out the package. No expense was spared when Assos designed the Chronosuit. If you are looking for a top choice in a suit for racing against the clock, this is a good one.


  • 4 way aero spandex top and lower side panels
  • A430 lycra base
  • Assos's outstanding S5 chamois
  • Full zipper
  • Rear storage pocket
Reg Price $349.00


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