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Bont CTT-Three Road Shoes 40.0

Great opportunity to own a fully heat moldable shoe at an almost unbelievable bargain. In addition to being heat moldable, Bont shoes are known for their industry leading strength to weight ratio, low stack height, lateral forefoot support, and medial longitudinal arch support. Limited quantities available.

The Bont CTT-Three inherits all of the structural design features of the A-One, but is made with more affordable materials that allow for its entry level pricing. It has Cervelo Test Team logo specific upper. The CTT-3 features Bont's micro adjustable buckle along with the a-three's fully heat moldable, handmade, light weight monocoque fiberglass chassis.

Bont cycling shoes have become synonymous with performance as leading athletes from within the pro peloton, track and triathlon disciplines have made it their preferred cycling shoe.

In addition to their industry leading ability for power transfer, Bont cycling shoes offer also the most anatomical shoe currently mass produced. Bont cycling shoes are made in the shape of a foot to accommodate a natural foot position and offer functional arch and forefoot support.

Inze Bont put his 30+ years experience in sports footwear and working on over 120,000 custom shoe into designing Bont road shoes. A special heat sensitive resin unlike anything else is used. This allows Bont shoes to be fully heat moldable at low temperatures. All that is required is an oven that can heat to 140-160º Fahrenheit and an accurate thermometer. Full instructions are located on the inside of the box.


  • Sole guards
  • Memory foam padding
  • Cervelo Test Team matte-microfiber upper
  • 570 grams per pair (size 43)
  • Can be heat molded
  • Three hole cleat compatible
  • Monocoque fiberglass base
Reg Price $175.00
Item #: 805149


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 Anonymous : 

Best pair of cycling shoes for the $$$.... Really like the "square" toe front, if you have a long foot and short toes, the shoe works perfect, finally the ball of my foot is directly over the pedal shaft.

Pros: fit, foot forming, very rigid

Cons: none


 Anonymous : 

I have a feeling that if this shoe was professionally fit it would be a fast and efficient shoe. The sole is stiff, and the finish makes the boot look quite fast and racy.


 Anonymous : 

These are the most comfortable riding shoes I have ever owned, and I have been riding for over 30 years. Recently, I have had both the Northwave Aerator 5 and 3, but was experiencing foot cramping through my arch on longer rides. None of that with the Bont. The heat moulding process is very simple and makes all the difference on the fit. It is very much the same principle as moulding hockey skates (yes, I am Canadian). The construction of the shoe also seems to be of a high quality. This model keeps the price down through using glass rather than exclusively carbon fibre in the sole construction. Although it comparatively adds to the weight, it does not seem to impact the performance. Technically, I was downgrading models, but am more than satisfied. Pain free, solid performance with the Bont. It will not be my last purchase from them.