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Road    Sealant, UST Valves, & Rim Tape

Effeto Mariposa Caffe Latex Tire Sealant 250ml

The Caffe Latex tire sealant has received many positive reviews and challenges other top-performing tire sealants. It features a unique foaming action that better distributes the sealant throughout the entire tire. This foaming action provides greater sealing potential for sidewall flats and pinches as well as a fast-sealing action. It also has excellent durability and lasts longer than other tire sealants. It is made with a tire and rim friendly formula with no ammonia. Great for mountain, cyclo-cross and road.


  • Unique foaming action seals pinches and sidewall punctures
  • Use 25-30ml in road or cyclocross tires and 50-100ml in mountain tires
  • Tire and rim friendly formula with no ammonia
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    Item #: 966525 Weight: 305g
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    Average Rating:


     Anonymous : 

    It simply will not seal even he smallest of holes- like a pin hole. I liked the idea of always wet and foamy, but it is just too thin. Really should have zero stars - what good is a SEALant if it doesn't seal? At first I thought it was me, but then I google "caffe latex review" and found out how ineffective this stuff is..

    Pros: none

    Cons: simply doesn't work


     Anonymous : 

    After many years using Stans I decided to try Caffe Latex in hopes that there was a better product than the messy, semi reliable Stans.....The result of the test with Caffe is that it doesn't work. The fluid is thinner which makes it harder to set up. On the first ride I got two small holes, very small, that the fluid could not fix. Instead it continue to flow out and then created a "blob" of latex on the tires and I had to put a tube in. I wanted it to work and be better than stans, but it simply isn't. Steer clear on this one.

    Pros: None

    Cons: Doesn't work


     Anonymous : 

    I started using Caffe Latex after finding what looked like a rubberized sea urchin in my tires from using another sealant. It seemed to have bonded together into a round shape and dried. I liked the idea that Caffe had a lower viscosity and foamed in the tire from agitation. That being said, after several months of riding with out a flat I changed my worn tires to find the sealand was still wet inside. Caffe recoomends checking the sealant every two months but I have been able to wear out tires before needing to add more sealant.

    Pros: Works as advertised,easier to use than Stans

    Cons: None so far

    4/4/2011 8:06:26 AM

     Anonymous : 

    This stuff dried up completely after one day, before I even rode it! I noticed the wheel felt heavy on one side. Supecting the had dried up, I removed the tire and the sealant had completely seperated. There was just a solid chuck of latex and oily water. I won’t use this ever again.