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Road    Sealant, UST Valves, & Rim Tape

Effeto Mariposa Caffe Latex Tubeless Valve

The Caffe Tubeless Presta Valve pack includes two tubeless valves and one valve-core tool. Thanks to a removable valve core design, most types of presta valve extensions (if needed) and can be used and the valve core can be replaced. The rubber base ensures a snug fit. To install, just hand-tighten the lock nut (that compresses the rubber base against the rim). This design eliminates the need for easy-to-loose o-rings.


  • Removable valve core
  • Rubber base for an excellent seal
  • Includes two valves and a Presta valve tool
  • $14.95
    Item #: 966510 Weight: 16g
    Item is in stock