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Effeto Mariposa CarboCut Hacksaw

Effecto Mariposa uses their "science of the details approach" to create the revolutionary CarboCut hacksaw specifically designed for the bicycle world. They believe it is the best possible tool you can have for cutting hard materials such as ceramics, steel, titanium and it positively shines when it comes to working with composite tubes and parts.

Thanks to its grit edge tungsten carbide (WC) blade (metallurgically bonded tungsten carbide grit on a toothless metal blade), the Carbocut won't damage carbon or kevlar fibers, but smoothly cut through them. Gritted blades have thousands of cutting edges and cut with a grinding action rather than the ripping action of toothed blades, reducing the risk of debonding fibers from the matrix. The edge of a carbon tube cut with Carbocut is smooth and without sharp or uneven edges, saving the sand-paper time.

The Carbocut handle is made with certified aluminum (EN AB46100 alloy), and its frame is made with certified steel (Fe42). This tool is built to last and perform. An ergonomic blade-tightening knob ensures the correct blade tension for many, perfect cuts.


  • Made in Italy
  • 10-inch long cutting blade
  • 19mm tall blade makes straighter cuts
  • Cuts carbon faster with a better finish and no fiber damage
  • Grit edge tungsten carbide blade outlasts steel blades
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