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Road    Handlebars

Enve Composites Carbon Road Bar

Enve is made up of a collection of some of the most passionate people in the industry who have one desire, to get to or create the perfect solution. That means, they want to achieve the unachievable. They want to continue to push the boundaries of what can be done and continue to innovate to create the perfect product. Each product they make they strive to design with the perfect form, function and beauty in mind.

Enve's desire to create the perfect bar meant they didn't want to recreate the newest trend or make some unique curve that didn't fit a riders hand. They looked at these trends and threw them out the window then looked at how a rider interacts with their bar. How they hand fits on the drops, on the top of a bar and everywhere in between. They looked at how riders set up their levers on bars. Once they gathered all that information they created their shape to allow riders to have plenty of hand placements. They made it so levers could be placed in a number of positions on the bar so riders could have some ability to customize their fit. What came out of the design process was this bar. Simple and beautiful to the eye and natural and perfect in the hand. The compact bar is available in 40, 42 and 44cm widths measured center to center. It also has a drop of 127mm and a reach of 79mm. Of course Enve used their proprietary molding technologies to create the lightest and strongest bar that could be made. Since they have a reputation for the best strength to weight ratio in the industry, that should probably be expected. With all of that they also added a few nice features, Dual cable routing to start and integrated bar end plugs as well. It is tough to imagine a more perfect bar, but of course, that is Enve's goal.


  • 127mm drop
  • 79mm reach
  • 40, 42 and 44cm sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated bar end plugs
  • Dual cable routing
  • 214 grams

Weight is from a 42cm bar

Item #: 387145