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Road    Seatposts

Enve Composites Carbon Seatpost

Everyone has a different reason to pick a seatpost. For some, they go straight to the numbers, what is the lightest? For others the question is, what is the stiffest? And for others the question is, what post looks the best for my bike. Enve has pretty sleek and sophisticated styling, but when it comes to weight and strength, they are the best in the business.

Enve has developed a proprietary process that they are able to use across all of their products. This is a process that involves pressure, heat and molding. They are able to make a part in one mold, eliminating bonding between parts. They are also able to mold their parts under more pressure with more heat so they are able to optimize the materials they use and create a stronger product with less material. As we all know less material is less weight and Enve is known to have the best strength to weight ratio in the industry.

Enve posts are available in 27.2mm or 31.8mm and they are also available in a Zero setback or 25mm setback. They are handmade in Ogden Utah and include all the hardware for standard rails as well as oversized saddle rails.


    27.2 mm or 31.8mm sizes
  • Zero setback or 25mm setback
  • Proprietary one piece layup
  • Made in the USA
  • Easty adjustment
  • 190 grams
Item #: 242100
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